A new chapter was opened in my life.I experienced a new orientation altogether. My priorities were changed as well.I developed a strong desire for God's word. I chose to join a christian Union at school.I encountered very serious and mature christians.
This was a divine connection since they mentored me and after a short time they started giving me som responsibilities.I became an official of the christian union. When I went home during school holidays, I joined a local pentecostal church and that again opened my understanding about the things of the spirit. I joined the evangelistic team within the church and started sharing about my experience in christ during open air meetings.At this,as a result of listening to the powerful preaching of God's word,I began to understand the will and purpose of God in my life God gave me favour at our local church and was appointed to serve in different positions.

This exposure gave me an opportunity to understand ministry.When I joined college,the same sequence of events took place.Egerton university had a very elaborate and orderly system of worship and to my surprise was appointed Pastor.Ibenefited alot from occassional pastoral training and a popular program known as 'BEST-P' where I learned the bible expository skills.It was during this time that a teaching ministry was born in me.I love teaching God's word.
After working with the ministry of environment and natural resources,General motors and finally Multimedia university college I had the call of God in 1993 while praying and fasting in Kandisi plains,Ongata Rongai. The same calling would be confirmed two years later when a team from Uganda came to minister in our church. My pastor then Bishop Sammy Yole Makau prayed for us and committed us to start God's work .From humble begining of a small rented room, the church grew in leaps and bounds and on 23rd November 1997 Bishop Dr.Robert Mdzomba ordained me as a pastor and seven years later appointed Nairobi region overseer in char I am blessed with a wonderful wife,Nancy Meliyio and two children Perez Lomunyak and Zilpah Nashipai


I got born again in February 1997 while still a student at high school. Initially, i was a catholic through the influence of my older sister who is still a practising catholic One day as i was reading a certain Christian book, i deeply sensed in my spirit that i should give my life to christ. Without hesitation i went to the christian union chairman and told him i want to give my life to Christ. From there began my journey to salvation. i have served in various positions in the church since high school and currently im a youth pastor with a great zeal for the Youth Ministry. What lead me to Christ was that yearning of being used powerfully by God in the Great Commission and taking the Gospel to all corners of the world and through the power of God deliver those who are oppressed from the yoke of bondage.